The impact shook my hands for minutes of trembling afterwards. Now I was the one. It had become my turn to be the spectacle, the obstruction, the evening drive time sideshow. The flashing lights came quickly and absolved me. I loaded my bumper in my backseat blinding my blind spots by turning the outside in …


The blood red liars sleep nightly in the halls of power. Tomorrow the crystalline structures of despair will be built higher by furious workmen under an atmosphere burning with blame. Were there ever any servants in those rarefied echelons? Every hero comes with the taint of ambition disguised as courage.


Who of this desert tribe has outgrown the gruesome, tender, tragic myths of Christendom to acquire the aggressively blasphemous language that will liberate the rest


If you’re not working yourself to death you’re not living so I choose not to be alive desolate, inconspicuous, and lazy is the state of my soul I am a log jam of fruitless wanderings because a moments rest is as sinful as sloth

The Commuter Diaries

These are the on and off of brake lights, these are the bits of shattered plastic strewn along the shoulder after miscellaneous fender benders and major collisions have been removed by the accompanying tow trucks. These are what come to mind on my way home because I am asleep on my way there. This is …