Technology Will Save Us All

For over the last year I have been working on a series that I conceived of 3 years ago. The style and method is a drastic departure from my usual surreal/abstract paintings. These are large scale works on panel. The background is a collage of Wikipedia articles relating to the subject of the artwork. I then paint, glue, and tape elements to the surface in the tradition of Robert Rauschenberg’s combines of the mid 20th Century. A major difference is that the sculptural and pictorial elements have a common theme relating to the message of the work. The series deals with the digital revolution. It examines the integral role that technology plays in our everyday life, and how technology has been so inextricably ingrained in our modern existence. Some works memorialize heroes of the computer age like Alan Turing, and points a more critical lens at other major figures like Jeff Bezos and Mark Zuckerburg. While science and technology can hold many answers for the future, these works suggest that we must consider the ramifications of placing all of our faith in these areas. By using religious and cultural iconography as well as ephemera from the computer age I try to pose the question, “will technology save us all?” From this comes the title of this series and the eponymous first work, the tongue in cheek, “Technology Will Save Us All.” I have completed 4 works of the series and hope to add 20 or so more over the coming months.

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