The Artist

Michael Farmer
                         Michael Farmer


I paint dualities. My art is the study of contrasts, dichotomies. It thrives in the boundaries between light and dark, optimism and nihilism. I work with forces that are both contradicting of and inherent in one another. I manifest these forces in my canvases, weaving together symbolism, meaning, and abstraction. With my brush I express both conflict and symbiosis, and give form to ideas that defy capture.



Michael Farmer has been a primarily self-taught artist for over 25 years. He has exhibited in several venues in Arizona and California including The Central Arts Collective in Tucson, AZ, Warehouse 1005, Herberger Theater, Alwun House Gallery, FOUND:RE Art Hotel, and The Phoenix Art Museum in Phoenix, AZ, Las Lagunas Gallery in Laguna Beach, CA, and Blue Line Arts, in Roseville, CA as well as several online exhibitions. He has won multiple awards through Mesa Community College Gallery. He is in private collections in Phoenix, New York, Connecticut, and Ireland.